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— Oscar Wilde.

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Have you ever heard about the man who flew with wax wings? Let’s go through the tragic story of Icarus.

Icarus was the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. Daedalus was a very talented and remarkable craftsman and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and power.

One day, King Minos of Knossos, the ruler of Crete, ordered Daedulus to build the Labyrinth inorder to imprison the Minotaur. The Minotaur was a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. He was the son of Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, and a bull that Poseidon had sent to Minos as a gift.

The birth of MINOTAUR

King Minos, ruler of Crete, wished to give thanks for his good fortune to Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Minos asked Poseidon to send him something for a suitable sacrifice. So, Poseidon sent Minos a magnificent white bull that came charging up out of the sea. Minos was so impressed with this bull that he did not want to give it up, instead, he sacrificed an ordinary bull in its place. Poseidon was much annoyed when he found the truth. Anyway, Poseidon revenged the King with the help of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and caused Minos’ wife Pasiphae to fall madly in love with the bull.

Daedalus was a genius craftsman working for King Minos at that time. Pasiphae, consumed with unnatural desire to see the bull, asked Daedalus to help her. Daedalus was then in a tough situation, because if he helps her, it would angers Minos, but if he doesn’t help her, he angers Poseidon. However, Daedalus was wise as well as smart, so he chose the side of the god. Anyway, Daedalus secretly built a mechanical cow for Pasiphae to get inside, and therefore to make love with the bull. The result was the vicious half-man and half-bull monster, the Minotaur. When the King learned about Minotaur’s birth, he was horrified and visited the Oracle of Delphi to ask for advice. They told him that he was to construct the labyrinth to hold the Minotaur, which feds on human flesh, as it would grow into a powerful and violent beast. So, he asked Daedalus to build the Labyrinth to keep Minotaur from destrying Crete. The Minotaur was kept at its center.


The word Labyrinth comes from the Greek ‘labyrinthos’ and describes any maze-like structure with a single path through it which differentiates it from an actual maze which may have multiple paths intricately linked. Labyrinth built by Daedalus was elaborating as well as confusing structure. It’s function was to hold the Minotaur, which was then eventually killed by the hero Theseus. Daedalus had so cunningly made the Labyrinth that he could barely escape it after he built it. As, the Minotaur feds on human flesh, the King decided to sent his citizens inorder to satisfy it’s hunger.

Since Minos was hardly interested in feeding his own people to the creature, he taxed the City of Athens with tribute which included sending seven young men and maidens to Crete every year who were then released into the labyrinth and eaten by the Minotaur. Daedalus’ labyrinth was so complex that he, himself, could barely navigate it. But, he successfully done it.

Minos eventually discovered that Daedalus helped his wife to produce the Minotaur and helped Theseus, who killed the Minotaur to escape from the Labyrinth with his daughter Ariadne who was infactuated with Theseus, which is another story.

Since Theseus escaped Crete and took Ariadne with him, Minos could only take out his wrath on Daedalus. Minos’ approach was to toss Daedalus and his son Icarus into the Labyrinth, which was so cleverly designed that even its creator couldn’t escape conventionally.

So, Minos imprisoned him and his son, Icarus, in a high tower to prevent him from ever revealing the secret of the structure.

Anyway, imprisoning a genius Maze maker inside a Labyrinth of his own design wasn’t a very good punishment. So, in order to escape to the Island, the skilled Daedalus constructed wings made from feathers held together with wax. He tied feathers together, from smallest to largest so as to form an increasing surface. He secured the feathers at their midpoints with string and at their bases with wax, and gave the whole a gentle curvature like the wings of a bird. When the work was done, the artist, waving his wings, found himself buoyed upward and hung suspended, poising himself on the beaten air. He next equipped his son in the same manner, and taught him how to fly.

But before trying to escape the island, he warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, nor too close to the sea, but to follow his path of flight. Overcome by the giddiness that flying lent him, Icarus soared into the sky, but in the process, he came too close to the sun, and the powerful heat from the sun, melted the wax. Icarus kept flapping his wings but soon realized that he had no feathers left and that he was only flapping his featherless arms. This caused him to plummet into the sea and he drowned.

Daedalus wept for his son, bitterly blaming his own art, and landed the nearest lsand and buried his son’s body. He called the land, ‘Icaria’,  an island southwest of Samos, in memory of him. Today, the location of his burial on the island bears his name, and the sea near Icaria in which he drowned is called the Icarian sea. Some time later, the goddess Athena visited Daedalus and gave him wings, telling him to fly like a god. He then killed King Minos.


Icarus has become a symbol for heroic daring but his flying and falling have been given a psychological timbre as well as a physical expression in all kinds of literature from poems to thrillers. It’s just telling people not to get too full of themselves or something bad may happen, like Icarus flying too close to the sun although his father had already warned him of the consequences by doing so, he thought that he would try to push the limits which is what ultimately killed him. In other way, flying too high can be seen as being too arrogant and flying too low as being too submissive, both resulting in failure to achieve your goal. To find success, you’d have to find the balance between the two.


To my beautiful readers, its impossible to live without happiness. It is important to find happiness. It can be in the form of a person, thing, or a beautiful memory. Have you ever thought about living lonely? I’m not considering the thought of living a solo life with our favourite people surrounded by us and with enough money to handle us and our problems. I’m striking about living a lonely life with miserable memories. We all have our own little secrets. The secrets which we do not want to share to anyone else. But in order to escape from loneliness, we need to jump out from this and save our lives.

By the way, we all are superheroes. We know how to ruin a beautiful relationship, within a few seconds. Even though we are humans, we differ a lot in our characteristics. Some people adjust to the rock bottom while others can’t even realize what they are doing. In case of a relationship, people try to mend their connection by solving fights, begging his/her partner not to go and do all the stupid activities just to get their partner back. Is it their possessiveness that made them do these? Or their unconditional love ? What if the other one doesn’t want you anymore? The thing we have to do is to accept the truth and let it go.

Well, it’s very easy to say but difficult to act. But always remember that the life must go on. We all have our destiny. Go for it. Accept the truth. Fall in love again. It’s okay that we wasted time on people who weren’t the one. How can we know who is the right one without realizing who is wrong? Just think that we have to lose many people before we find the right person who is meant for us. But, we need to develop the maturity to choose what is right for us. Remember maturity shows our own priorities.

No matter where we are, what are our situations, remember we bloom one day. Just don’t ruin everything by digging into too much. Admit we had a history and work in present for the future. Remember we are strong and have enough potential to live our life our own. Once we move on, we could find happiness in every little time of life. We will start enjoying our solo life. At least, be happy that ‘we have we’ to save ourselves.

Believe, there is a right time for everything and eventually everything will come to us and we will live in peace and happiness with our favourite person near to us. Be happy for everything. Be adventurous, brave and confident. Free your mind and smile inside. Be you…….

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 14 : A Tale To Remember.

She went to Professor’s house and entered his room. She found a key in his shelf and it had the name ‘Lilly’ on it. “My name is carved on it. I think this key belongs to a shelf in the restricted area of the library.” She went to the library. She found a shelf which was located next to the shelf where she found out the book, ‘ALPHA’. She twisted the key, opened and saw a single book in it. “This book is not as old as ‘ALPHA’. Let’s see what surprise is hidden inside. She opened the book. “It’s not just a book. It’s a letter, wrote by professor. Wonder what’s inside.” First few pages was a letter for her. She began to read it.

Dear Lilly,. I’m glad you found this letter at last. I know still your mind is filled with questions. Questions about myself, my origin. Yes. Lilly, I’m your Professor. And I’m ‘Alpha’. Don’t get stunned. I know you are suspicious about me. I’ve told you about rebirth. You remember, right? In order to save myself from ‘Jovian’, my first son, I transformed myself into human by rebirthing on Earth. A man took me to his home thinking I was an abandoned baby. He was a bachelor and I grew up with him. I was a complete human. I grow and I get aged. I was ‘experimenting myself on Earth. He was also a professor and this library belonged to his ancestors. He gave me good education. I learned more about human, and their activities. He died because of cancer and all his assets including the library eventually became mine. When Pente met me, he was anaware that I’m Alpha. But, I showed him the right ways. He was not sure you were the right one or not, at the beginning. But, I knew you are the one. He started observing you then, and he decided to reveal himself to you. Because he fell for you. He was in love with you when you saw him for the first time. You are so pure Lilly. Your heart is gold and you are brave. My human life came to an end when you found me in my actual form on the other planet. Jovian is no more. I destroyed him and told Pente about everything. Now it’s time to reunite our family. These are the maps and instructions to find and destroy the portals. Reserve Pente’s portal so that he could reach you. You will be surprised when you reach this planet. Our planet is changing. Come here after your mission. Then you know how Earth is formed. How everything is created. I’ll show you who is your creator. You learn everything then.….

She was not much bothered about what’s written inside, like it was, not a pretty much surprise. But, the last lines striked her hard. Anyways, she was happy to know that everything is going well. “I wonder when he wrote this. Seems like yesterday!” She then carefully analysed the map. “It’s an easy task. Go, find the portals, spell this …she turned to the next page which was written in greek…I am able to read this. Ok, spell this in front of the portal, and touch it. And, then it’s done.

She took the book and then went to home. She then called ‘Louie’, who was the caretaker of Professor, and packed her bags. She also took a diary to write all the incidents happened from the day she met Pente and to write what all things that’s going to happen. With much excitement she asked to herself. “Do people go this much crazy when they fell in love?”

She, along with Liza, David and Louie together calculated the distance to cover each continents. “The map indicated the ways to reach portals starting from Asia to Australia, Antarctica, Africa, South America, North America and Finally Europe.” Liza said to the group. “Lilly, it would take longer than you expected. Are you ready for this?” David asked doubtfully. Lilly said in confidence, “I’ve waited this long and I’m not gonna give up. I must do this David. You already gave your permission. Now, allow me to do this.” David shaked his head. “Lilly, I’m concerned about you. Are you sure you don’t want our company?”

“Be with your children, brother. They need you. I wanna see you, Liza and our munchkins together all the time. So that I could die happily even if I fail.” Tears fell down from David’s eyes soon after he heard this and he hugged her and said. ” You’ll come back after you finish everything. And you’ll definitely get the life you are waiting for.” She hugged everyone and headed to the airport with Louie.

It was not as easy as she thought, to destroy all portals. They survived severe cold, wind, rain, draught and hunger. She and Louie suffered from mild to severe diseases. But she always had a feeling that Alpha was with her and helped her to show the ways. It took almost 20 years for her to find the six portals. She then called her family and headed to home along with Louie.

Her hometown had changed a lot. It was hard for her to identify the road to home. She somehow managed and reached home without informing them, just to give a surprise for David and Liza. She stunned by seeing the home. ” Look Louie, the home has changed a lot. Can’t wait to see the family. I wonder they remember me or not.” She looked to Professor’s home. It was next to the house and it seemed to remain untouched by anyone. The University remained the same but there was no students because of summer vacation. She saw an old man with fat belly coming outside from the house. “Lilly?” Doubtfully he called her name. “David! she tried to run but failed. She walked to him. “You are old”. Cried David. “You too!” She hugged and cried him. Liza also came out. Lilly kissed her and said. ” You look like our great grandmother dear old fashionista! Liza tapped on her shoulder. “How dare you? I missed you sunshine. Come inside and see your niece and nephew”.

She came inside. Two beautiful children came and hugged her. ” Lilly aunt! Finally we meet. Marie and Erick hugged her. Lilly saw herself in Marie. She gave chocolates, books and gadgets to them. “Come Lilly. I’ll show your room. A special room has always been reserved for you.” Lilly smiled. ” I love the way you renovated our home without disturbing Professor’s home.” Liza showed her a beautiful room. “We’ve always worried about you Lilly. Wondering where you are, what you are doing. I’m glad that you finished it.” They hugged.

She took a bath. Then she went to Professor’s house. Louie was inside. “Dear Louie, I forget that you existed for sometime. I’m sorry. And I’m so thankful to you. Words couldn’t convey my gratitude towards you.” Louie smiled. “I spend most of the time with Professor. He was like my father. I don’t have any other relatives than my mother. She died when professor was admitted in the hospital. That’s why I went to hometown. And I know the secrets about him. Lilly, professor had always considered you as his daughter. Now the only family I have is you, my dear sister and I’ll always be with you no matter what…”

He then went to sleep. She came back to her room. She looked herself in the mirror. She looked at her grey hairs and touched her wrinkled face. “Pente. I’ve completed the missions that your father told me to do. I’m wondering where are you.” She then started writing her diary.

Friday, 21 March 2019. 10:00pm. Finally I reached my hometown and saw my family………….

She was interrupted by a voice. She turned to see who’s there. “Lilly, My Lilly. I’m here.” She saw her Pente in his original form. For a moment she was lost. “My dear Lilly, I love you” She cried in joy. “25 years I’ve waited to hear this from you!” He hugged her. “I’ve waited a lifetime to tell this to you. Come with me to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.” She completed writing her dairy and joined him. “Come on Lilly, I’ve many things to share with you. Everyone along with our father is waiting for you. Let’s go home.” They kissed together. A sudden flash of bright light appeared and they disappeared forever.

David and Liza woke up by a some noise. They checked on their children and were still asleep. They ran to Lilly’s room. There was no one except an opened diary. David read the last page. With enormous joy in his face she said, “Lizzie, she made it. She is with him now!” They hugged together and looked at the sky through the window. Tears fell down from their eyes.

The next day, they went to the library to keep her diary in the restricted area. “Are you sure even our children wouldn’t want to know about this? What if they asked about her?” David asked to Liza. “David, they are not matured enough to understand or to believe what we say. Moreover, they only saw her once. Now Lilly is happy no matter wherever she is. We should keep this in the library itself so that one day they might find this.” David nodded and they both went to restricted area. But they couldn’t find the restricted area. They searched but couldn’t find the place like it was not existed.

“Probably, the restricted area might vanished as the portal got destroyed.” David said this and called Louie. He promised to keep this diary safe in professor’s house as an evidence, so that whenever their children want to know the truth, this diary might help. Louie wrote “LILLY ERICK ALPHA” on the front side of the diary. “Let it be our secret. Let it stay as a beautiful tale which can be tell to your grandparents someday.” Louie told them. They nodded and said. “Yes. A tale to remember.”

The End.

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 13: Changing Seasons.

She told everything happened from the time she disappeared from the library. “David, listen to me. I must do this.” It irked David. He said, “Lilly, I don’t understand. Why are you doing this? Why are you helping him? You are playing with your life. This is not love. They are using you. Lilly, don’t do this.” Suzanne turned to Liza. “Lizzie, I hope you are on my side. I really love him. Moreover, I’ve always felt that there is a connection between me and them. I don’t know how to explain but, I assume you get it”.

Liza nodded with a sad face. “What do you want us to do?” Suzanne stood up and said, “I want you both guys to get married”! They looked each other in surprise. “Yes. Lizzie, David, I wanna see this. We can sell this apartment. Now we have enough money. Professor wrote his will under my name. A wealth that’s impossible us to imagine. And also, after my graduation ceremony, I’m gonna take charge as the librarian and Junior professor in my department by his recommendation. We could build a mansion near to the Library, where professor’s house is. Lizzie will definitely get a job in our University as a lecturer and David could start his own gym.”

“What about you then?”, Asked David. “I have to find where the other portals are. It may took years. I’ll definitely find those portals. I just need your permission.” The trio talked together for some time. And Suzanne was able to convince them. She then went to Professor’s house with a lawyer and legally granted all the documents. She also found out Professor was a single child and was a bachelor. All his relatives died years ago and he had no closed family other than his caretaker. She also gave a good amount of money for him and he went back to his hometown.

The construction of the mansion had started, next to the professor’s house. Both Liza and Suzanne got graduated the very next month and Liza started her career as a lecturer. David bought one of the finest gyms in the town. Suzanne initially took classes for students but she soon resigned and gave charge of the Library to Liza. She then started to learn Greek language with the help of Liza.

It’s been two years since they got graduated. The construction of mansion had completed and they shifted to their new place. Liza and David were going to marry next month and Suzanne was busy with all the stuffs. She learned Greek language and was able to read and write like a professional. Even though Suzanne was busy going through other things, she never forget the planet and the ‘people’ out there especially, her Erick.

Again two years passed and Suzanne is 29. David and Liza got a baby girl. She is named ‘Marie’ which was the name of Liza’s mother. Both Suzanne and David told the truth about her parents to Liza. However, that was not a shock to her. She’s already dealing with strange things done by her sister and this was bearable! Suzanne also gifted baby Marie the small statue which was given to Suzanne’s mother by Liza’s mother.

Another year completed and David and Liza blessed with a boy and named Erick by Suzanne. Their family is completed. Suzanne seemed to be satisfied then. She then transferred all her property to both kids Marie and Erick. Now she’s free. She then contacted Professor’s caretaker who had same age as that of Suzanne. He was not just a servant for Professor and they had a relationship like father and son and he knew about the professor. So, she decided to ask him to come with her to find the portals.

The seven portals are in seven continents. She had already found one portal, the library, which’s in UK, in Europe. She decided to destroy this portal last just because it was Erick’s portal. She then went to Professor’s house to search for informations.

(To be continued…………..)

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 12: Missions to Accomplish.

Suzanne couldn’t able to understand the inner significance of Alpha’s words. But she truly trusted him. “How can I destroy the portals?” She asked curiously. “It’s simple. Go to the restricted area of the library. You’ll find answers to everything.” After a pause, she asked. “What if I failed to destroy the portals?” Alpha looked at her. “Don’t be so negative, Suzanne. Do what I say. Have trust in yourself.”

“You resemble much like my professor.” Alpha smiled. “Those seven portals are in seven continents, dear child. It may take years to accomplish your mission. And you must destroy it as in the book says. You must learn ancient Greek.” Suzanne terrified. “Years? How long will it take? I’m afraid I could learn this language. Are you sure I’m the one you were searching for?”. ” Yes, you are the one I was searching for. You have the potential to do it. Don’t waste time. Come with me”.

Suzanne couldn’t have a belief in herself. But memories with Pente gave her the courage to overcome any barriers and to be with Pente. Suzanne got out of the building along with Alpha and followed him to a portal. While moving towards the portal she saw a group of butterflies passing her. She was drenched in surprise. “I never saw a moving creature here other than your sons and voithos. Where did these butterflies come from?” Alpha raised his finger and one of the butterflies positioned on it.

“Suzanne, this is an example that this planet is changing. Do you know how this beautiful butterfly is developed? It is from a caterpillar. Two different creatures right? Like this, I can transform you.” Suzanne smiled. She’s just worried. Alpha continued, “Your siblings call you ‘ Lilly’, Right?” She nodded and said ‘Yes’. “Do you know what’s the meaning of it?” Alpha asked again. “It’s purity”. She answered without any hesitation. ” Lilly, it has one more meaning. It is ‘rebirth’!”

“I trust you Alpha. I am sure once I complete all the tasks, you’ll transform me into one of your people. But, I’m just a human. I have flaws and imperfections. Yet, I’ll try my level best to achieve victory.” Alpha tapped on her shoulder. “You will, my child. See, this is the portal of mine. I haven’t used this in 70 years. You can enter Earth through it, just because it’s my portal. It is a small tunnel. She said goodbye to Alpha and started to move. After a few steps ahead, she turned around. Alpha was still there.

“Did Pente wait for me?” She asked curiously. “He will wait for you as long as you will wait for him,” said Alpha. She smiled and moved on. On reaching the other side, she again turned around and gave one last glimpse to the planet. She noticed the sides of the tunnel were beautifully decorated. There was a symbol at the center of the tunnel entrance. It was a stone in the shape of a rectangle with a black dot on its center and the whole was enclosed in a circle. Alpha was left. Suddenly, a flash appeared and she disappeared.

Suzanne arrived on Earth. She looked around in surprise. “This is not the library. But I know this place.” She was in Professor’s house. There were few people and they were packing some belongings. Professor’s caretaker was there. She walked towards him. “Madam, when do you come? Your brother said you’ve gone somewhere. Come, I’ll show you Professor’s grave.”

“Professor’s grave? What happened to him? I haven’t known about anything.” She ran outside. Next to the university garden, there situated a beautiful grave which was of the Professor. She went cold. Professor and his memories flashed in her mind. She spent some time in front of the grave, prayed, and aimed to get up. Abruptly, she noticed a symbol on the grave. “This is the same symbol I’ve seen on the tunnel entrance. Is there a connection between Alpha and Professor that I haven’t even recognized”?…

“Lilly?” She saw Liza and David coming. “Lilly! My dear. You are alive! Our Lilly is alive David. She is here with us!” Liza said to David. David hugged Suzanne. “Lilly, please, don’t hurt us anymore. Come with us to our house.” She looked one last time at Professor’s grave and left with them, having some unsolved questions on her mind.

They talked nothing while driving home. Once, they reached home, David tried to ask something to Suzanne. She resisted and said, “Brother, I’ll explain everything. But, before that, tell me what happened to Professor.” Liza also sat next to them. David said, “Professor’s health was very worse and he died. Erick was with him till his death. He left when the ceremony is over which was yesterday.”

She turned happy when she heard about Erick. “How long did I left here? “A week.”, said Liza. But Suzanne didn’t get surprised. She almost expected the exact length. She took a pause and said, ” Liza, David, as I always say, listen to me. I need your help. And this time, it’s much complicated!……

(To be continued………..)

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 11:A Bizzare Situation

“Where Am I? What happened to me?”. She stood up and looked around. There was neither Epta nor Alpha. She realized she was trapped inside a building, which resembles that of a prison. ” Who built a prison here?” She barely remembered that Alpha touched her forehead and then, a sudden flash appeared. “So, I didn’t really die. Maybe he put me in a prison. But how?” She was thinking about how she reached there. Suddenly she heard a sound from another block. She went there.

“Child?” She recalled the familiar voice. There was a person sitting on the ground. His face looked aged but his body was quite strong. She came close to him to see his face clearly. “Is that Alpha? Oh! It’s strange. How he came here?” What’s happened to him?”. “Suzanne?” He called her name. “Come close to me. I wouldn’t do any harm to you.” She came close to him and sat next to him like a puppet. “Dear, I’m Alpha…”. ” I know you. You tried to kill me!” Suzanne interrupted.

“Suzanne, you still don’t know the truth. I’m Alpha and I am the only one.” He said. Suzanne opposed it. “Then who is that? He resembles exactly like you.” He leaned forward. “That’s my son, ‘Jovian’. My first son. I created him. He did this to me”. Surprisingly, she inquired, ” He did what?” Suzanne, you are blessed to live on Earth. There is no planet like that of Earth. So, I decided to recreate Earth in another Universe. To assist me, I created a son. I called him ‘Jovian’. I also created voithos for doing various jobs. I hope you already saw them.” She nodded. I taught him how to transform into a human so that he could learn their culture and know more about Earth. I gave all my powers to him. But, I never gifted him two emotions:- love and sacrifice.

I thought, if he transforms into a human, he might fall in love and get trapped on Earth forever. But I was mistaken. He used his powers negatively. His intention was to learn technologies on Earth and tried to destroy all humans out there. I tried to stop him. I destroyed his portal which helped him to enter Earth. That made him angry. He’s my first son. How can I eliminate him? He is my only son. Otherwise, I might have done this earlier. Thus, I created seven more sons. But as soon as I created them, Jovian put me in here which is only visible when one enters inside.” Suzanne turned anxious.

“It’s strange. They still believe that fake guy is their father. And they still obey his orders without knowing the consequences. But, I saw he tried to kill me, as he did to your other four sons. Then, how I reached here?” Alpha smiled. “That’s the thing he doesn’t know about. ‘Only a creator can completely destroy its creations.’ I didn’t give him the power to destroy any living creature. The flash produced while he tries to destroy someone just make them transform to another location, that is, to here. He doesn’t know the truth yet. “

“So, you are saying your four sons are still alive?” He stood up. “Of course, child. Their bodies are here. When he touched them, the flash appeared and they remained trapped in Earth forever in their human form. My sons didn’t know they are strong like Jovian.” Suzanne also stood up with him. “How long they have been on Earth?” Probably, 50 years compared to the time on Earth. But they don’t get aged. So, they likely to hide somewhere on Earth.”

“So, how you are going to save them. Is there a portal in which you can enter? ” She asked curiously. “Unfortunately no. Alpha said. I visited Earth long ago when there were fewer humans. That’s why I created Jovian and a portal for him and you know the rest.” She nodded positively. “Then how you save them?” She asked again. “That’s why I need your help. I’ll instruct you about the things to do. I want your help.”

“But, what if I didn’t come here? Then how are you gonna save your sons?” He smiled. “I’ve been watching you. I know you love Pente. I know everything. Suzanne, this is your destiny. I was waiting for your arrival. I am strong enough to destroy my son. But, if I do that, all portals get destroyed and my sons remain trapped in Earth permanently. Because those portals are created by Jovian himself. But, if a human destroys it, all my sons can come back to their planet, to here.”

Suzanne turned sad. “That means, once I destroy Pente’s portal, then I was not able to meet him again?” Alpha smiled. “No Suzanne. Once everything is over, you will be with Pente. Keep my word. If I can transform my sons into humans, then I can definitely turn you into my species.” Suzanne couldn’t bear any more surprises. “But how? You are not my creator. Then how’s that possible?” Alpha looked at her. “You are not my creation. But, I know who created you! Trust me, Suzanne, everything will be alright…..”

(To be continued…………)

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 10:Odd-one-out.

“I was a fool. I shouldn’t have done this! Now I lost everything. My family, my happiness, my love, my life. Epta! Please kill me. I don’t wanna live anymore. Or I’m going to see Alpha. Let him kill me”. She tried to get out of the house but Epta pushed her. ” Are you out of your mind Lilly? Now sit here and stay calm. I’ll go and tell Exi to come here. We should solve this together. Please don’t do any stupid activities.” He went to find Exi.

“I am an idiot. I shouldn’t have done this!” She said this again and again till she saw two strange creatures coming from under the table. She wiped her tears. Those creatures were almost looked like elves with big eyes, having no eyelashes. The two got surprised by seeing Suzanne and they hid behind the curtain. It was funny to see two faces peek behind the curtain simultaneously. She almost forgot her worries and started to smile.

“Who are you? Are you related to voithos?” She asked. The small guys looked at each other and one of them said. “We are baby voithos. Mamma and Dadda are out there cleaning the patio. And who are you?” Its voice was so sweet. She understood they are children of a voithos family. She said. “I am Epta’s master.” She said proudly. They shocked and bowed in fear. “We are sorry master.” She wanted to talk to them but was interrupted by Epta and Exi.

Epta said, “Lilly, Pente went to Earth to complete a task instructed by Alpha. He’ll come back as soon as he accomplishes it. ” What is the task?” She asked. “To collect flowers,” Epta said. “What? To collect flowers? Epta, I don’t understand.” Epta looked at Exi and said, “Come with us, when the sun sets, I’ll show you something.” She nodded. Exi stayed at home with them but didn’t utter a single word to Suzanne. She was not bothering about it anymore and was thinking where her ‘Erick’ is. Epta was talking to one of the voithos. She came near to him.

“So how these voithos learn to speak my language?” She asked curiously. Epta said, “Well, don’t get offended by what I’m saying. Your language is considered to be a servant’s language and our language is the noble language in our World. They don’t speak our language but can understand what we are saying.” She eyed him in an angry way. He grinned and said, “Alpha made the rules. What we can do.” She doesn’t like that. “I really wish to punch your Father.” He laughed. “Well, So am I.” They laughed together.

Meanwhile on Earth, Lizza got frightened by the sudden disappearance of her sister. She called David and told him what happened. David had no idea what was going on there. “She ran away with that alien?” This was what he asked Liza. “Oh! Shut up, David! We must find a solution. Come with me. We must inform this to Professor. He is the only one who could help us.”

They went to see Professor but due to his weak health, he was admitted to the hospital and was critical too. So they went home dissatisfied. They didn’t sleep well and was sleepless all night, thinking about their sister. In the morning, they decided to go to the hospital and they heard the bell rang. David opened the door and saw Pente in front of him. “How dare you to come here? Where is my sister? Did you kill her? We both know who you are and your human body is just a cover to hide an ugly beast!”

Pente was stunned by his words. ” What happened? Where is she? Brother, trust me I don’t know anything.” Pente tried to touch David but he got afraid and stepped back. “Are you trying to kill us too? Well, we are not afraid of you. Go away, you filthy creature and bring my sister back to her family!” He tried to shut the door but Liza opposed it and told Pente everything that happened.

Pente drenched in surprise. He never thought Suzanne would do this. Liza also told him that Professor was admitted to the hospital. Then David shut the door. Pente was broken at the same time he was afraid how Suzanne could survive on ‘Ouranio’. Pente went to the hospital. Dr. James was in the critical care unit and Pente was not allowed to see him. At that time, Professor’s servant came to him and asked whether Pente could stay there so that he could go to his hometown and visit his mother.

Pente couldn’t resist it. He said, “I’ll stay here until you come. Don’t worry, you can go”, even though he wanted to go and save Suzanne as early as possible. He cursed his life. “Being a human was all better. So, I could live with the girl I loved, raise a family, have children of our own. Even when I’m on ‘Ouranio’, my heart is still on Earth. But, I don’t belong here. Neither in Ouranio.”

Suzanne went out of Epta’s house to explore ‘Ouranio’ along with Epta and Exi. She was afraid to get in Epta’s ‘kinsi’ so, they decided to walk. Exi got amazed by the adjustable nature of Suzanne. She behaved like she is living with their own species. They reached in front of a huge rectangle building which was completely made of glass. Epta opened it. Suzanne saw hundreds of voithos cultivating and harvesting fruits and vegetables. The ground was filled with fertile soil and was moist.

“This planet is full of surprises!”, said Suzanne. She then picked a handful of soil and smelled it. ” Earth”. She said. “Lilly, do you know for what that area is reserved for?” Asked Epta. “Flowers?” She asked doubtfully. “Yes. That’s why Pente went to Earth. To collect seeds and stems. Then, voithos grow them, water them and cultivate them at the right time by providing all conditions like that on Earth.” Said Exi.

“I should write about this incredible planet once I reach Earth.” She thought. Suddenly, she heard a strange voice behind her. “Epta? Is that Alpha again?” She turned and saw devil eyes looking at her. He talked, “YES!, this is ALPHA! And you don’t belong in my World!”

(To be continued………….)

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 9:A bad penny always turns up.

“Lilly, don’t just stand and stay there like an idiot. Hide behind the rock.” Screamed Epta. She ran and hid behind the rock. There comes Alpha. She could barely see him. For a moment, Suzanne thought she’s probably going to die without seeing her love. Alpha was getting closer. She slowly crawled above the rock to saw Alpha. She carefully analyzed the machine which Alpha was riding. It was like a Zeppelin, which was shiny silver in color. It flew just above 60 cm from the ground.

It stopped in front of Epta. The machine’s roof which was made of glass opened and she could now see Alpha. Voldemort’s face. That’s what first came into Suzanne’s mind when she saw Alpha’s face. Fierce was in his eyes, like that of a tiger. Those killer eyes made him even scarier. His voice was sharp and powerful. They talked in their language and Suzanne didn’t understand a word. There was one more alien near to Alpha. She looked at him carefully. She saw the green eyes. “Oh, Lord! That’s Erick.” Her heart craved to call his name but she remains silent because of Alpha.

After a cold conversation by Alpha and Epta, the roof closed and the machine started moving. When it reached miles away, Epta came beside Suzanne and said. “Get up. Have you seen Pente in the machine?”. Suzanne came behind the rock and said, ” Yes. I saw him. Where are they going?” Epta said, “I don’t know? Maybe to the ‘VOITHOS’, I believe.” What is ‘voithos?’Lilly asked. “They are small elf-like creatures living on this planet. They are the helpers of Alpha and to us. They are created by Alpha but are mortals”, Epta said.

“Interesting,” Suzanne replied, “So, you are not dangerous to humans, right?” Epta smiled. “We are ‘inter-dimensional beings’. That’s what ‘Pente’ says. We don’t kill people. We just explore and find suitable environments for us. Then, inform our Father, Alpha. Most of the time, we spent on Earth. Sometimes, we go to other planets but, nothing more suitable for us than Earth. We came to this Planet as kids going on holiday.” He stopped and laughed. But Suzanne felt the pain behind his laugh.

He continued, “Lilly, how lucky you are to be born as a human and live on a planet like Earth. We are just slaves here, always obeying orders given by Father. We didn’t ever felt the freedom. You don’t understand how it feels to live like a pig waiting to get slaughter at any time.” His voice crackled. “What did you say? A pig waiting to get slaughter?” Suzanne queried. “Yes, Lilly. Do you know where are the other four sons of Alpha other than Me, Pente and Exi?… Alpha destroyed them for standing against Alpha. They fell in love with humans on Earth and decided not to come back here and live on Earth by transforming completely to human, as a mortal.”

“But, only Alpha has the power to do a complete transformation on them and Father became mad and irritated when he heard about this. So, my brothers started questioning my father’s motives and Alpha destroyed them within seconds.” His voice stumbled. That’s terrific and cruel. Suzanne exclaimed. Epta continued. “This is our fate, Suzanne. That’s why Pente is not opening about his feelings for you. I know he loves you a lot”. Suzanne didn’t know what to say anymore. She felt tired and hungry. “Are you hungry?”, asked Epta. ” I’m hungry. But what to do? You guys don’t eat anything until you transformed into a human right?”

Epta laughed. “Who said we don’t eat or drink anything. We have hunger too. Come with me. We can go to my ‘SPITI’. The voithos should have prepared something to eat.” What’s a ‘Spiti’, Epta?” Suzanne asked. “Spiti is our house. Each son has a house and has one or two voithos to help. They prepare food, clean our house, and so on.” Epta winked at her. She laughed. “This is so much like Earth and it’s amazing”. Epta continued, “There are so many things you have to be amazed at.” He snapped his finger and suddenly ‘The Zeppelin like machine’ appeared in front of them. “Lilly, this flying machine is called ‘KINSI’. Every son have their own ‘kinsi’. Well, Pente’s is classier than me. But he is not here and you have to come with me.

They reached in front of a beautiful house. The number ‘7’ was engraved in front of the house as in that of his kinsi which indicated as those were the belongings of Alpha’s seventh son, Epta. They both entered the house. A big table was placed in the main room and it was filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, and juices. She didn’t see any voithos there. She tried sat on a chair which was a little bit big to her. So, Epta helped her. “So, are you a vegetarian? Suzanne asked him.

“We don’t eat any type of meat here. Alpha won’t allow it. Moreover, we don’t have farms or anything to get meat or milk. These fruits and vegetables are cultivated by voithos. We could go there sometime when Pente arrives.” He grinned. Suzanne smiled. “So what’s this planet is called?”, asked Suzanne. “Alpha named this planet as ‘OURANIO’. Epta finished eating and said to Suzanne. ” I’ll go and inform Pente about your arrival. Don’t worry. You are safe here. Say you are Epta’s master when ‘voithos’ come. They won’t do anything.

She closed the door and Epta went. She started to eat the remaining food. Before finishing her food, Epta came and sat on the couch without saying anything. Suzanne stood up and walked to him. “What happened brother? Where is Pente?” Epta looked at her sadly and told, “Lilly, I’m sry. Pente went to Earth. I wonder why he left. I don’t know when he returns.”

She amazed. “Why are you so upset Epta, I’ll go back to Earth. That’s not a big deal. Come, get me out of here.” Epta put his hand on his head. “Lilly, that’s not possible. Everyone can enter from Earth to this planet. But, only Alpha and Pente decide who could return. That’s how it’s technique. And one could go back to the Earth only through the portal which one is already entered!”

Suzanne felt like she was stuck in a mousetrap. “How can I go back to Earth? How will I survive on this planet until Pente arrives? What if Alpha founds out a human entered on this planet?” A million questions started hunting Suzanne. ” I’m responsible for my fate. I decided to come here. I chose this. And, I have to face this alone.”

(To be continued………)

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 8:To the space between spaces.

She opened the book. She was astonished by the vocabulary of the book. “Oh! My Jesus. Which language is this? I can’t able to read a single word in this.” She turned the pages. “It’s Greek. I know this language. No, I know a person who knows this language.” She took her mobile and called Liza. After some time, Liza came to the library.

“Lilly, where are you? Liza knocked on the front door of the library which was already half-opened. “I’m here Lizzie. Come to the restricted area.” Liza came inside and started observing the whole section. “Lizzie, this is the book I was talking about. Help me to read this.” Liza carefully examined the book. “I wonder why the cover page is written in English(Alpha) and what’s inside is completely another language!”

“Maybe that’s for any emergency situations, for, the ‘protector’ to recognize.” Suzanne said. Liza nodded and continued her exploration. Suzanne thought, “I’m glad that I had a family that completely understands my situation. No one would ever be by my side after hearing all these things.” “Lizzie, where’s David? She asked to Liza. “David went to the gym. We should be there when he returns.” Liza then began to translate the book.

“It says, this book is the key to the space between spaces. Suzanne, it’s a puzzle!” Liza took a pen and started solving it. Suzanne surprisingly looked at what’s Liza doing. After some time, she gave Suzanne a piece of paper. “This is what he says to open the door.” Suzanne read it. It was in English. “Pente edo, anoixe tin porta. And, what does this mean Lizzie?” It means, Pente here, open the door.”

Both went to the door which was behind them, which the foreigner used to enter through. “Lilly, you have to press the knob on the center of the door while saying these words.” Suzanne nodded and did what her sister told her to do. But nothing happened. “Lizzie, are you sure this is what Erick says to open the door?” Liza got confused. “Yes, Suzanne. But, something’s gone wrong. What is it?”

“Wait. You said the book is the ‘key’. What’s a key do? It unlocks the door. So you have to replace the word ‘open’ to ‘unlock’.” Liza stunned. “Oh yes, lilly, you are brilliant. Say, ‘Pente edo, xekleidoste tin porta’ and don’t forget it.” Suzanne nodded her head and said this and pressed the knob. Suddenly, the door opened and something pushed her into the portal. She was pushed by some forces and the door immediately closed before she could say anything to Liza. But she could hear Liza screaming and calling her name.

Suzanne felt like she was inside a tornado. But there was no pain. She was rotating. Nothing more. Slowly, she landed the ground. There was a door in front of her. She slowly opened it. A new world was in front of her. It was like she fell above a rainbow. There were neither trees nor grass. She started walking. There were no tall buildings, no rivers, no lakes, no birds, no animals, nothing but only hills and mountains. She wondered where was she, how could she find Erick. Suddenly, she heard someone talking. She hid beside a rock which was almost of her height.

They were almost 8 feet tall with no hairs on the head and were stronger. Their skin looked like marble but doesn’t shine in the daylight. They were chattering in their own language and Suzanne couldn’t understand a thing. Now she had started to frighten a bit. “I must see either Erick or find a way to get out of here. Oh my God, they saw me. They are coming to catch me.” Suzanne tried to run but they caught her.

Suzanne begged at them. She shouted “Pente” many times and one of the aliens told the other to leave her like they understood whom she was talking about. He talked. “I’m Epta the seventh son of Alpha. And this is Exi, Alpha’s sixth son.” She was wondered how they know her language but she remembered Erick saying about other six portals for the other six sons of Alpha to enter into Earth. “You are Lilly. Right?” Epta asked. Suzanne was excited. “How do you know me?”

Epta laughed. “Pente told us about a charming human who took his heart.” Again delighted, she asked, “So Erick loves me?” Epta laughed again. ” I don’t know about Erick, but Pente loves you.” Suzanne smiled. “Look who is blushing” He laughed like a child. Suzanne wondered by the expressions and talking of Epta. He was so much alike to a crazy, freaky teenager. But Exi was serious. “How dare you to come here. This is no place for humans. Go back before Alpha knows about your entry.” He walked away.

“What exi says is correct. But Pente told you are ridiculous. But, I believe, he never thought you are crazy enough to come here.” Suzanne was almost calm then. She was surprised by the ‘so human nature’ of the ‘foreigners’. But she was anxious about Alpha and was also excited about the reaction of Erick. Now she knew Erick loves her. And all she wanted is to hear from Erick’s mouth.

“Epta, my brother, I wanna see Pente.” Epta said, “I’ll take you to him but before that, you have to be safe. Probably you are the first human to enter here and not everyone is friendly like me. There are creatures here you have no idea about. Come with me, I know where Pente is.”

Suzanne started following him. She thought it was a stupid idea for her to come there. Suddenly, she heard a strange sound behind her. “Lilly, it is Alpha. Hide Lilly, hide.” Epta was terrified while saying this. She realized the danger hidden there. A danger which is too difficult for her to escape through…

(To be continued………)

THE FOREIGNER. -Chapter 7:Damsel In Distress

There was no news of Erick for the past five weeks. At first, she was ready to accept the truth. But now, Suzanne was not eating or drinking anything properly. Liza was scared that if she’s going to continue this, she might fell sick. Suzanne was now staying in the room which was used by Erick. Liza came out of the room and looked desperately at David. “David, do something. I can’t tolerate this anymore. Erick is the reason behind this. Try to contact him. Lilly must have his number. Ask him to come and meet her. Please, David…”

David never thought Suzanne would fell into a crisis like this. He knew he is the one to look after both sisters. But he didn’t know how to please her. He came to the room. Suzanne was sitting on the bed. Tears fell down from her eyes. David sat near to Suzanne. “Lilly, stop crying. He’ll come back, soon after he finishes what he had to be done. He left without informing you because he knew you wouldn’t allow him to go. Maybe he’s not answering your calls because he’s planning a surprise for you like I always do to your sister.” He tried to produce a fake laugh. But that made nothing to her. “Okay fine. Gimme his number. I’ll call him. I’ll talk to him”.

David was ready to do anything for his sister. But only Suzanne knew the bitter truth. ‘No, I couldn’t suffer this anymore. I must tell the truth to them’. She thought. Suzanne sat close to David. “David, I don’t have his number. Even though if there is a number, I couldn’t reach him”. David didn’t understand a thing. ” Lilly, my dear, what are you talking about? Of course, we could reach him. Trust me”.

“David, it is not logical as you think. Listen carefully. I don’t know how you respond to it, but you must know the truth about him”. Suzanne took a deep breath and told David everything about the foreigner. David jumped in excitement. ” What the…..what are you talking about? Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind”? He started blabbering. He couldn’t believe what was he heard.

Meanwhile, Liza was also hearing the conversation between Suzanne and David. Her face turned pale. But she couldn’t interrupt them. She didn’t even have the courage to walk into the room.

“It’s true David. I don’t know what to do. I can’t stay away from him. His absence makes me feels like a thousand knives stabbing into my heart.” David said nothing. He was still in shock. Even Liza too. He even thought Suzanne turned mad and started to hallucinate Erick as an alien who’s far away from her. David came out and looked desperately at Liza. They both went downstairs.

At that time, Suzanne was thinking of a way that helps her to reach Erick. ‘I must do something. Otherwise, I won’t be able to see Rickie any more. And Professor is the only one to help me solve this crisis.’ She changed her clothes and reached the main hall. But, David restricted her.” Is that what you crave for Lilly? Are you out of your mind?” Suzanne begged him. “Please, David, let me go. For one last time, please…” David left his hand off her.

Suzanne ran and reached Professor’s home. The door was locked. “Dr. James? it’s me, Suzanne. Are you there?”. Professor’s servant opened the door. Suzanne told him that she wanted to meet the Professor. He led her to Professor’s room. He was on his bed and seemed ill and weak. ” Professor? What happened? Last time I saw you in good health and now you are…”Suzanne couldn’t able to complete her sentence. ” My life in this World is almost completed my child. I know what you want. Go, to the restricted area of the library. Search in every section. You’ll find what you are looking for. Remember child, nothing lasts forever. Hope we meet again. Take care.”

Professor’s sound was tired and frightening. She kissed on professor’s forehead and headed to Library. She had no idea what she’s going to do. She closed the door of the library and turned on every light and started searching for clues in each book in the restricted area. She also had a lantern in her hand which she took from the professor’s desk. She then continued her search in the seventh stand and suddenly a book in the fifth rack started to shimmer by the light from the lantern. She placed the lantern on a bench and took the book.

She sat on a bench and began analyzing the book. The book was heavy. The covering was made of some metal and this caused the shimmering effect. The name of the book was carved in silver metal and was written ‘Alpha’.

“By exploring what’s inside this book, I’ll find a door that leads to my love.” She then tried to open the book.

(To be continued…..)

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